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Tenuous lines twist into fields of yellow and pink. Bold colors slam into each other and burst forth with exuberant delight. Delicate pencil marks contrast with thick, gestural gobs of paint, to evoke a lone dead tree against an opulent Provincetown sunset.

Influenced by the Abstract Expressionists, Power revels in a jarring, almost infantile brush stroke. She seeks the openness and clarity of statement derived from the unrefined. Emotional intensity is born out of the dialogue between the anxious, labored pencil line and the more immediate paint mark. In Soft Escape, thin washes of color horizontally drip across blade-like pencil lines; space is sliced and the viewer jarred as orange and hot pink flashes vibrate at the horizon line. Power evokes a Miro-like dreamscape which invites and repels, both soothing and dangerous.

Raised in Texas, Power has actively identified herself as an artist since the age of seven, "I was always taking painting classes with my mother and her friends, as well as my peers." As a young artist she began to develop what she now sees as her emotional, artistic iconography, with which she is perpetually experimenting. In The Weave, her lyrical icons ground and give weight to the composition, while intriguing the viewer with their elusive meanings. Like musical notes, the symbols suggest other modes of communication and provoke senses beyond the visual.

Harmonies, pulses, rhythms, both intact and interrupted, characterize the energy of Sky Power's sensual, poignant, and sometimes confrontational paintings. In the vertical triptych Death, Life and Something In Between, the composition is reduced to a simple beat, the last notes of a song, the interaction of four colors. On masonite boards and canvases, Power juxtaposes harmony with chaos, permanence with the ephemeral. She communicates the sanctity as well as the violence in nature.

Emma Ross, Art Historian



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